Give your students an art experience they’ll remember forever.

We’ll get your school started on the art pen pal journey.

Your classic school pen pal, but with art!

Offering Assistance

We’re here to help you complete a successful art swap. Reach out at anytime.

Creating Global Community

We’ll match you with an art teacher in another country based on the information you provide.

Expanding Curriculums

Students share and connect with other students they may have never crossed paths with through creating/gifting their own art and reflecting on what they receive.

What We Do

Each teacher that registers for International Art Pen Pals is added to our database and matched with a teacher of similar age students in another country. Once connected, your class will create artwork, theirs will too, and then you’ll make your first swap! Through trading physical artwork or digital artwork across the globe, our children will develop a bond to other people, cultures, and places than their own in a real and tangible way. We provide helpful tips for a successful swap, but also encourage teachers to take their own approach once connected with one another. Additionally, we offer a gallery page for schools to contribute to which serves as a Digital International Art Exhibition of our participants work. Let us do the matchmaking for you and see how far your classroom can reach!

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